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Where you have the power and control of a builder while backed and supported by my 30 plus years of knowledge, expertice and

If you are considering a new home, an addition to your existing home, renovation, or consulting for other forms of architecture to meet your needs, dreams, budget and unique ideas, in support of your lifestyle or business, then I can help you accomplish your goal. Review my resume in the "About Us" section. I have extensive experience in these areas and storm safe building design.

I maintained a license as a registered architect for 16 years, and have continued for over 30 years as construction manager and designer, in my company guiding my clients to reach their building plans . I place a high value on listening to my clients. Once I understand my client's needs and concerns I offer my experience to guide and support their plan through my extensive use and understanding of new technologies, "state of the art" energy conservation systems and storm safe structures.

My work has been awarded many times for forward thinking designs that have been technologically advanced, ultra energy efficient, uniquely storm safe, via my patented building system, and truly custom designed to my clients' needs, lifestyle and budget.

By always thinking outside the traditional design box I have consistently provided my clients more for their budget, better quality, lower construction costs, by as much as 30 - 40%, higher energy efficiency, by as much as 60%, and a healthier environment.

My work has been awarded the American Wood Council's "Design for Better Living Award", the Dow Chemical's "Energy Design Award" and many other types of industry recognition.

These principles have been utilized in my church, aviation, office, educational, multi-family and single family residential designs in my business and while contracting to other firms.

Client satisfaction is always my highest mission.

As further evidence of my concern for our environment and my clients' comfort and health in their finished building, I have had a lifetime of understanding and practicing chemical free and environmentally harmless food production for my family by which I fully understand the impact upon the nature of a given building site and its surrounding area by how that site has been managed.
I have grown organic vegetable gardens for decades. I have created many of my own family gardens to supply fresh chemical free vegetables for my family. For years it was a hobby.

My neighbors suggested I offer my experience and knowledge to those of you who are interested in supporting your family with home produce. It will save money and provide your family with food that is chemical free. Commercial toxic food chemicals are greatly suspect as the cause of many surging health issues. Such chemicals can also exist in your building environment if pre-construction planning is not properly done.

I look forward to helping you enjoy your own Victory Garden supported building plans. If you are interested in designing and adding greenhouse space to your property I can help. Give your family the comfort and security of a food source that is within your control and storage to offset future food shortages and price increases that may occur on the world market.
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